Balloon Name: ‘George’

Pilot: Richard Gyselynck

Richard Gyselynck is the worst balloon pilot on the Isle of Man. He is also the only balloon pilot on the Isle of Man, and if you tried camping there during the Manx Grand Prix three weeks ago you’ll understand why! However, nothing daunted, he has flown on and over the island about a dozen times but not yet ‘off’ the island, although he has managed to fly across the English Channel.

He started ballooning in 1980 but it took him 20 years to get his pilot’s licence, supposedly because he took 15 years off in the middle. His balloon ‘George’ is a Cameron Viva 65 which has been flying nearly as long as him. He has flown in exotic countries such as Thailand, Turkey and Sri Lanka and he has been lured to Waterford by the promise of a similar climate - the soft winds and blue skies that favoured last year’s Irish Ballooning Championships.

Hot Air Balloon George