Balloon Name: ‘Discover Waterford’

Pilot: Joe Daly

Local Pilot, Joe Daly, has been flying his balloon in Waterford and South Kilkenny for the last 10 years. His previous balloon “Jodie” was a common feature over the skies with its tell tale spiral rainbow colours

He now flies, Waterford's newest balloon, “Discover Waterford” which will took stage at this previous championships in Waterford and around the country for the last 6 years.

Having won a trip to Switzerland 18 years ago which involved a Hot Air Balloon Trip he caught the bug and spend a long number of years trying to get his license in Ireland. He eventually went to Italy to complete his training 10 years ago and has returned there almost every year since.

Joe and his son Zack bring the Waterford Balloon abroad to the biggest balloon festival in the UK in Bristol and over 500,000 people see the balloon in the nightglow each year. They have also brought the Waterford Balloon to a huge balloon festival in Lorraine in France every second year promoting the city and county. Zack is planning to have his own pilot licience next year when he reaches his 17th Birthday."

EI-ECC Discover Waterford Balloon